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SO HI yeah I'm still alive. That's still a thing. ... yeah.

You might have noticed that I actually posted something a few days ago! Yes! I write fic again! For kpop fandom this time!
I'm hoping that this will actually get me back on here more often, if only to post fic. We'll see. I've been working on a massive college AU crackfic that blew up in my face and is now approaching 10k words SO YEAH.
And I've got two other WIPs lined up and two ideas for after that. I'M GOING TO BE BUSY.

But this is hard to do when I have an actual grownup job, which is why I was so glad to get the kaiPhone! Yes, I have an iPhone now... after finally breaking down and giving in to the smart phone trend. Ugh.
But the web browser is quite lovely. And it's starting to look like I'm going to write all my fics on here, which is... interesting. I don't think a phone is most people's writing platform of choice, but whatever.
Unfortunately my laptop, Jaffacake, is being a little bit of a bitch these days. I think he's on his last legs, tbh. I'm going to have to buy a new laptop and I'm not sure how I feel about this. But at least the kaiPhone is here for me now. ^^

I'm going to try to spend as much time as possible with my children this summer and OH YEAH. I "adopted" two children by which I mean I made more close friends who also happen to be fetuses and apparently I am the eternal umma SO YES. My "children" will hopefully be hanging out with us a lot over the summer.

Uhhhh what else... I think that's mostly it. Once again though, find me on tumblr or twitter if you want more frequent updates on my life. Fair warning, though... There's a lot of fandom flailing.
I'm GollumPanties on both sites!

That's all for now. I've got to go be a responsible adult and maybe even work on fic some more o-orz
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Ughhh I'm developing a sore throat. THIS IS NOT THE REALITY I WANTED D8

Also, my college FB wife is divorcing me now that I'm an adult with a job. OTL

I ordered some nice new haedphones that will be arriving today, though. So that's good. I may also be meeting my family at a corn maze tonight, so that's good too.
Twitter IS eating every other text I send, which pisses me off. Gdi, is it too much to ask that I be allowed to update ppl on every boring thought that occurs to me?

I need new shoes.

ANYWAY. This week has been unusually hectic and I really just want to go to bed now. Maybe not sleep, but just to lie in a nice warm bed and idk watch FMA Brotherhood or catch up on Merlin or something.

I NEED TO CATCH UP ON MERLIN. Argh. That is a thing that I must do.

I must also actually FINISH the River/Doctor picture I promised my 100th Tumblr follower. ARGH.

I can't even. Just going to go pour hot soothing liquids down my throat and try and get some reports out. Ugh.

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So I'm really hoping that getting back my paid account wasn't a mistake. My idea was that it'll motivate me to have all my pretty icons back. So far it's mostly motivated me to make new icons. Oops.

At the very least I'm hoping that this will be a place to fail publically at NaNoWriMo again. Yeah, I'm kind of an idiot.

Oh yeah! Another thing I wanted to say was that I am far more active on Tumblr these days, so maybe you should check me out there.
Yes, GollumPanties. Don't judge.

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YEAH I already posted this on omona_lounge, but I know some of you aren't on Omona at all so CROSSPOSTING YEAH.

So I'm supposed to write about certain movies for my least favorite anthropology class ~EVER~ but I'm supposed to have done ethnography or something like that for it! Good lord! I hate talking to people! And where am I going to get a voice recorder and anyway that's a little creepy.

So I ask you. Have you seen these movies?

-Forrest Gump
-The Princess Bride
-O Brother, Where Art Thou?
-The Hangover

and possibly

-Remember The Titans
-The Lion King

Because my professor will not actually tell us what he wants, I guess I'm just looking for anything you have to say about them. Any of them. One of them. All of them. Whatever.

Favorite things, things you hate, things that occurred to you the 14th time you saw it, crackpot theories, things they reminded you of, questions about them, explain them to people, that one time you were on your way to see it and a squirrel ran suddenly under your car tires and you were struck with the futility of existence and also were late for the movie.

No, honestly. IDK. No one wants to watch these movies with me and discuss them because I guess they have finals or something like that. I just want to be able to say I tried.
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Or "In Which Emily Fails At Being Sympathetic. Again."

Apparently I'm encouraged by vastly different things than the entire rest of the human race and now I've got one of my best friends upset with me. B|
I guess I'm just so testosterone-poisoned that my solution to everything is "SHIT COULD BE WORSE. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED." and apparently that is singularly unhelpful to most other people and comes across as belittling and condescending.

FML. My entire life thus far has been interacting with my family who are just as shounen retard as I am and now I have no idea what other people want to hear when they've had a shit day. Clearly it is not, "TELL YOURSELF IT'S NOTHING. PUNCH LIFE IN THE FACE."

But, I mean. Seriously. My entire coping strategy thus far has been to see what's happening to other people and either seeing that it's possible to handle it or to be determined not to be outdone in handling my problems. When I was feeling like shit and wanted to skip out on a meeting at work, I remembered how DBSK was performing with the flu and told myself I couldn't do anything less than my best. I felt like I had to push myself to my limits, and I kind of still feel that way about any issues I encounter.

Clearly I should listen in sympathetic silence from now on because saying words is not working for me.

Way to fail at talking to people, Emily. Good job. B|
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So I finally saw Inception on Friday night.


So many pretty people in suits~ I'm a fan. Cillian Murphy prz to be kidnapped more often ♥
Now I can read fic! And understand it! And look at memes! And understand them! And giggle every time I watch the movie because "We need to go deeper" makes me think of memes- wait, no, I was already doing that.


Yeah. It was awesome. I am in awe. Nolan, you are my life now.

In other news, I just spent a day panicking and flailing about bus tickets home for Thanksgiving because I can't find another ride. B|
With any luck, I'll be able to see Harry Potter IN IMAX BITCHES over that weekend as well SO YAY! 8D

Also, my choir director is pushing me to cantor and the very thought makes me want to die. I like to sing. I'm narcissistic enough to think I sing well. But I've learned through hard experience that if you put Emily in front of a room full of people and ask her to sing, you get sheer terrified silence.
So yeah, no. Not going to happen.

Also, my suitemate messed with my FB status while I was at choir practice. *sigh*


The Byrd Kyrie sounded epic this morning. I was really worried about it, but it turned out really nicely. And now we're doing a ton of Christmas and Advent stuff and it's awesome and there are soprano descants on EVERYTHING EVER and I will have no voice at all after a few more rehearsals.

So yeah. Hopefully going to an early Thanksgiving dinner in a bit. Just waiting for a ride. Derp derp.

Oh! And I'm getting really close to beating Birth By Sleep! I've unlocked the Final Episode and I'm level grinding like mad.
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Yeah, I just got a FedEx notification email that says something is en route to Charlottesville. The only thing that's been shipped with FedEx recently is my PSP. Since I got no emails from Sony going "lol we're blaming you for your broken PSP so we're not fixing it/making you pay for it" I assume it's been fixed and I will finally be able to beat Birth By Sleep!

It's due to arrive on the 5th, so we'll see then. 8D

AND I FOUND THE SOUNDTRACK TO THE DOCTOR WHO SPECIALS so I'm really excited. I've been craving a legit soundtrack version for a long time now.

BY THE WAY this is a brilliant site:
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"OH MY FUCKING GOD! WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE COMING FROM!?" - whilst going through the neon paint room

Pirate Room:
"Who's got me booty?!"
"I've got your booty!!"
"Gyar, give it back!"

"Gyar, me Jolly Roger's extra jolly!"

"Gyar, I'll let you see me Jolly Roger!"

"Gyar, feast yar eyes on me booty!"

"My milkshake brings all the boys the the yarrrrrd. And they're like, it's better than yarrrrrs. I could teach you but I'd have to charrrrrrge. Gyarrrr."

"'The Flying Dutchman?' That's like a philosophy!"

"Herp derp? Why are they saying herp derp? ....AHH!" - the Herp Derp room

"OH GOD, YOU'RE REAL" - just before shoving said person out of the way and running for the exit

"Interesting. You guys did a good jobAHHHHHHHHHH!" - guy in neon/hook sections

"Can I stop to tie my shoe? HOLY SHIT!" - guy in sirens room

"I don't think I can do this, Becky. I'm wearing someone else's pants, I can't piss in them." - girl in line

-In the hook strobe light room

In the Ol' Greg room:
"Where's Curly Jefferson?"
"He's over there"
"Where are his hands and feet?"
"...I ate them."

In the angler fish room:
"Ah, fuck this."

Room leader: *turns on light* "AHHHHHHHH!!" *turns off light*
Some guy: "Are...are those giant crayons?"
Room leader: *turns on light* "NO, THEY'RE TEETH AHHHH!!" *turns off light*

Room leader: *turns on light* "AHHHHHHHH!!" *turns off light*
Some guy: "Dude, that's so legit!"
Room leader: *turns on light* "AHHHHHHHH THANK YOU!!" *turns off light*

"Look at Ol' Greg, now back to me, now back to Ol' Greg, now back to me. Your Baileys is now diamonds."

In Siren Room:
"Don't trust your guide. She wants to take you through some nasty and backwards places before you can be safe. You'll be safe here with us!"
A minute later, in the Pirate Room:
"Yarrr! Here we likes it NASTY AND BACKWARDS!"

During clean-up the next day:

"Argh, the tarps smell like vodka and farts!" - while piling up the wall tarps

"It's like a Tourette's party in here." - listening to people trying to get the wood beams back into the closet
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! Take a picture of yourself right now.
! Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair - just take a picture.
! Post that picture with NO editing.
! Post these instructions with the picture.


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