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Ughhh I'm developing a sore throat. THIS IS NOT THE REALITY I WANTED D8

Also, my college FB wife is divorcing me now that I'm an adult with a job. OTL

I ordered some nice new haedphones that will be arriving today, though. So that's good. I may also be meeting my family at a corn maze tonight, so that's good too.
Twitter IS eating every other text I send, which pisses me off. Gdi, is it too much to ask that I be allowed to update ppl on every boring thought that occurs to me?

I need new shoes.

ANYWAY. This week has been unusually hectic and I really just want to go to bed now. Maybe not sleep, but just to lie in a nice warm bed and idk watch FMA Brotherhood or catch up on Merlin or something.

I NEED TO CATCH UP ON MERLIN. Argh. That is a thing that I must do.

I must also actually FINISH the River/Doctor picture I promised my 100th Tumblr follower. ARGH.

I can't even. Just going to go pour hot soothing liquids down my throat and try and get some reports out. Ugh.

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Well done, me. Good job basically abandoning everyone you ever knew on this site.

Me: B-but... I had school! And now I have work! I had no time to make long rambling posts about what I had for lunch or what's happening in Naruto! Also, what I had for lunch was vodka, and my dad reads this blog sometimes. (NOTE: It was NOT vodka.)

Wow, okay. You still suck at updating things. That "importing tweets" nonsense isn't fooling anyone. You get home before 6 most days. Get your act together and update once in a while.

Me: okay.jpg

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Or "In Which Emily Fails At Being Sympathetic. Again."

Apparently I'm encouraged by vastly different things than the entire rest of the human race and now I've got one of my best friends upset with me. B|
I guess I'm just so testosterone-poisoned that my solution to everything is "SHIT COULD BE WORSE. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED." and apparently that is singularly unhelpful to most other people and comes across as belittling and condescending.

FML. My entire life thus far has been interacting with my family who are just as shounen retard as I am and now I have no idea what other people want to hear when they've had a shit day. Clearly it is not, "TELL YOURSELF IT'S NOTHING. PUNCH LIFE IN THE FACE."

But, I mean. Seriously. My entire coping strategy thus far has been to see what's happening to other people and either seeing that it's possible to handle it or to be determined not to be outdone in handling my problems. When I was feeling like shit and wanted to skip out on a meeting at work, I remembered how DBSK was performing with the flu and told myself I couldn't do anything less than my best. I felt like I had to push myself to my limits, and I kind of still feel that way about any issues I encounter.

Clearly I should listen in sympathetic silence from now on because saying words is not working for me.

Way to fail at talking to people, Emily. Good job. B|
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I just realized that I spent about $70 on clothes today.

... shit.

I'm trying to make myself feel better by telling myself that now I have a new bikini, skirt, pair of shoes, scarf, and belt. It's... not working as well as I'd hoped.

*sigh* There goes my "new clothes" money for the year. I hope I get a crapton of hours when I get back to work at school. 'Cause I know my next paycheck won't quite bring me up to where I was. I'm pretty sure I'm only getting $60 something. 8|

Come on. Come on. Gotta cheer up. It's not like I have anything pressing to buy in the next few month-

... Birth By Sleep.

... shit.
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